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Pollinators are fundamental to human survival, yet their numbers are decreasing because of new threats, which include pesticides.  Thankfully, attention to this issue has brought funding and expertise to help us fully understand the problems and solutions.  Below you will find linked research about pollinators and pesticides, which we have categorized for easier reference.  Research is ongoing, and Google Scholar is the best way to stay up to date with the most current findings.


Swarm of Bees

Unfortunately, through our work, we are seeing that the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as state agencies, are not friends to pollinators, but rather prioritize the interests of big agriculture and chemical companies who have the funding to support large lobbying efforts.  Read more here.  In order to protect pollinators and compete to have our voice heard, your financial support is essential.  Help us to demand change by becoming a member or donating today.  

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