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Thank you for becoming a member of Pollinator Stewardship Council.  Your annual membership provides crucial support in helping us fulfill our mission of defending managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impacts of pesticides.

Membership is available for beekeepers and beekeeping organizations, as well as individual non-beekeepers.  Pollinator Stewardship Council works as the advocacy arm for local bee and pollinator organizations who don’t have the bandwidth to do so themselves—your membership helps us to defend the honeybee from the adverse effects of pesticides at the local, state, and national level.

Membership is priced by the size of your operation or club: 

  • $40 - Hobby Beekeeper with 25 or fewer colonies

  • $100 - Sideliner or Hobby Beekeeper with 26-300 colonies

  • $500 - Commercial Beekeeper with 301-700 colonies

  • $850 - Commercial Beekeeper with 701-1000 colonies

  • $2,000 - Commercial Beekeeper with 1001-3000 colonies

  • $4,000 - Commercial Beekeeper with 3001-5000 colonies

  • $7,500 - Commercial Beekeeper with 5001-10K colonies

  • $10,000 - Commercial Beekeeper with 10,001+ colonies

  • $150 - Local Beekeeping Association with 10-50 members

  • $250 - Local Beekeeping Association with 51-100 members

  • $350 - Local Beekeeping Association with 101-300 members

  • $500 - State/Regional Beekeeping Association or Local Beekeeping Association with 300+ members

All commercial, hobby, or association members receive our Pollinator Stewardship Council Newsletter and assistance in filling bee incident reports with the EPA. 

Commercial beekeeper and group membership includes the addition of your business or organizational logo and a link to your website to the Pollinator Stewardship Council’s member recognition webpage, which we update quarterly.  Group membership also includes a complimentary virtual presentation to your club.

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