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The Pollinator Stewardship Council was founded in 2011 to defend managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impacts of pesticides.  Since its founding, Pollinator Stewardship Council has done this through legislative and litigious efforts.  Our efforts have been successful in helping to change labels, advocating for better regulation, and increasing public awareness.  Some of our successes include:


  • Challenged the registration of the pesticide sulfoxaflor in the Ninth Circuit Court, winning the case to make changes to the label to protect pollinators and crops.  However, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently DENIED the EPA’s request for “remand without vacatur” for sulfoxaflor so our case will move forward.

  • Submitted 3 letters to the EPA from esteemed scientists Jonathan Lundgren, Susan Kegley and Jeff Pettis, along with thousands of signatories AGAINST the re-registration of neonicotinoids.

  • Engaged in a working relationship with Dr. Judy Wu-Smart of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln bee lab to publicize and raise awareness of the toxicity of the neonicotinoid treated seed ethanol plant.

  • Shared beekeepers’ concerns nationally through for 29 national and 8 state public comment opportunities.




As a non-profit, only through your financial support can we continue the work of defending pollinators.  Help us to demand change by becoming a member or donating today.

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