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In addition to legal and legislative advocacy, PSC offers comprehensive educational programming.  We provide presentations and workshops, publish articles and interviews, share news and information on social media and in our monthly newsletter, and offer a library of downloadable educational resources made available at no charge. Please feel free to use and share these infographics and other materials created by PSC to help inform others on the critical issues facing pollinators, and how we can help keep them safe. 


Without pollinators...

Collection of graphics highlighting an individual food reliant on pollinators. Suitable for social media posts, print materials, and more.  Download here, or click on any image below.  

Bee Friendly Infographics

Downloadable jpeg images and printable pdf

Keep bees safe in neighborhood.jpg
Green and Yellow Flower Ilustrated Garden Infographic 3.jpg
Residential 2.jpg
Green and Yellow Flower Ilustrated Garden Infographic 2.jpg

Bees in Almonds


For use with events such as National Honey and Pollinator Months, National Bee Day and more! Downloadable jpeg images for sharing, or printable pdf. 

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