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Thank you for your support of Pollinator Stewardship Council.  Your donation will help us fulfill our mission of defending managed and native pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse impacts of pesticides. In addition to your donation, if you’d like to support us further please consider becoming a member of Pollinator Stewardship Council, which provides us with on-going funding through yearly auto-renewing membership payments.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Your donations go towards:

  • Raising awareness about the adverse impact of pesticides on pollinators critical to the supply of food and the ecosystem.

  • Providing advocacy, guidance, and tools to document the detrimental effect of pesticides on pollinators.

  • Changing the regulatory processes of pesticide risk assessment, labeling, and enforcement.

If you’re more comfortable paying by check, please make checks payable to Pollinator Stewardship Council and send to:

Pollinator Stewardship Council Treasurer
1617 White Water Ct.
Berthoud, CO 80513

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