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Today is World Honeybee Day!

On the third Saturday in August, we take the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the enormous contribution of the honeybee.  Bees are responsible for one of every three bites of food we eat and we rely on their help with pollination to support our modern food system.  As we know, honeybees are under constant threat from environmental factors including pesticide use.  Studies show that low-level chronic exposure to pesticides can be just as deadly as acute exposure. Chronic exposure weakens the colony, causing a myriad of adverse physical and social behavior changes. These negative changes cause bees to become more vulnerable to pests and pathogens, which may only cause minor damage in a healthy colony but are often fatal for colonies in a weakened condition due to chronic pesticide exposure.  Additionally, this type of exposure is grossly underreported as many beekeepers are not aware of the symptoms or the effects, often mistakenly blaming errors in hive management for the loss of colonies. 

It's a great day to reflect on the importance of honeybees and make a commitment to their protection.  Learn more about the role of honeybees in our food system and the challenges facing both bees and beekeepers by watching The Pollinators, an award-winning documentary featuring some of our PSC board members. 

Celebrate World Bee Day by making a commitment to pollinator protection.  Become a PSC member today!

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