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California Almond Pollination Season is Here

Honey bees are preparing for their largest task of the year - the pollination of California's almond trees! Almond trees rely on honey bees to initiate the growth of nuts as the trees cannot pollinate themselves. 

The almond industry in California is responsible for supporting a substantial $21 billion in gross revenue and contributes an impressive $11 billion to the state's economy.  This entire economic sector depends on commercial beekeepers and healthy hives.

Around 35 million pounds of pesticides are typically utilized on the almond crop in California, and this excessive use of pesticides is negatively impacting honey bees, as well as the economic livelihood of beekeepers and farmers.  Luckily, there is a way for you to contribute to the protection of pollinators-- join our mission today and show your support of the small honey bee creating a remarkable impact.

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